Getting Started with MonitoringΒΆ

Installing and configuring MMS Monitoring quick and easy.

This manual will guide you through the installation process specific to your operating system. Other pages will help you customize your configuration, keep the Monitoring agent updated, and provide you with some troubleshooting strategies.

As an alternative, you may follow the install process from start to finish in the MMS Monitoring Service Tutorial.

Install the Monitoring Agent
Tutorials for installing MMS Monitoring and deploying it in production.
Monitor Hosts
Describes how MMS Monitoring monitorings hosts and discusses monitoring architecture options.
Connect to Hosts with Kerberos Authentication
Outlines the procedure for configuring the Monitoring Agent to authenticate to hosts in a Kerberos environment.
Update the Monitoring Agent
Manually update the Monitoring agent on UNIX/Linux and Windows.
Delete MMS Monitoring Agents
Remove an existing monitoring agents from an MMS group.
Monitoring Configuration
Discusses configurable options with MMS Monitoring: hardware monitoring with Munin-Node and using MMS Monitoring with MongoDB instances running with SSL.