MMS BackupΒΆ

MMS Backup is a system that creates backups of MongoDB replica sets and sharded clusters. A lightweight agent runs within your infrastructure and captures data from your MongoDB deployment using the same mechanism as replication. MMS Backup hosts the backup data and snapshots using its own infrastructure.

This manual describes the process for registering and activating MMS Backup, the process for installing the Backup agent, and the basic procedures for enabling backups and restoring from a backup.

Register for MMS Backup
Register for MMS Backup and set up two-factor authentication.
Use MongoDB Authentication with the MMS Backup Agent
Create a new Backup Agent user to connect the Backup Agent to mongod or mongos instances with authentication.
Install and Start the MMS Backup Agent
Install and start the Backup Agent.
MMS Backup Agent Configuration
Additional configuration instructions for the Backup Agent.
Activate MMS Backup for a Replica Set
Activate MMS Backup for a Replica Set.
Activate MMS Backup for a Sharded Cluster
Activate MMS Backup for a Sharded Cluster.
Restore from a Stored Snapshot
Restore a replica set or sharded cluster from a stored snapshot.
Restore Replica Set from a Point in the Last 24 Hours
Restore a replica set from a custom snapshot from any point within a 24-hour period of time.
Restore Single Database
Restore only a portion of a backup to a new mongod instance.
Seed a New Secondary from Backup Restore
Use MMS Backup to seed a new secondary in an existing replica set.
Delete Snapshots for Replica Sets and Sharded Clusters
Manually remove unneeded stored snapshots from MMS.
Frequently Asked Questions: Backup
Frequently asked questions about MMS Backup.
MMS Backup Agent Changelog
Change log detailing new features and updates for each Backup Agent release.

As an alternative, you may consider the above procedures as a single tutorial: MMS Backup Tutorial.

If you have questions about MMS Backup, consider Frequently Asked Questions: Backup or open a support request via the MMS Backup interface or open a support request.