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Run MongoDB with Confidence

Free Monitoring and Premium Backup for MongoDB

It Takes 60 Seconds

MongoDB Backup in the Cloud

Let the MongoDB experts manage your backups so you can focus on your app.


Multiple copies of every backup are archived across our fault-tolerant, geographically distributed data centers.

Point-In-Time Recovery

MMS is the only backup solution for MongoDB that offers continuous backup with point-in-time recovery of replica sets and cluster-wide snapshots of sharded clusters.

Free Usage Tier

Billing is pay-as-you go based on your usage with unlimited, free restores. And if you spend less than $5 per month, the bill is on us.

Free Monitoring Designed For MongoDB

MongoDB-Specific Metrics

We built MongoDB, so we understand what is critical to measure. MMS tracks the key database and hardware metrics important for managing a MongoDB deployment.

Performance Visualization

You can't tune what you can't see. MMS provides valuable insight into the health of your MongoDB cluster. Performance is visualized in a rich web console to help you understand and optimize your deployment.

Custom Alerts

Discover performance issues before your users do. Set up custom alerts to notify you when particular metrics are out of normal range to help mitigate problems before they arise.


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Single-click provisioning

Provision machines in public cloud environments. Once your machines are set up, you can build MongoDB clusters automatically.

Simple configuration and management

Launch MongoDB standalones, replica sets or sharded clusters. Effortlessly add capacity to your deployment as it grows.

Hot upgrades

Take advantage of the latest features of MongoDB. Upgrade or downgrade clusters on-demand without any downtime.

This is the cloud version of MMS. MongoDB subscribers can also run the on-prem version of MMS in their own datacenters.