MongoDB Management Service (MMS) ΒΆ

Welcome to the documentation for MongoDB Management Service (MMS). Engineered by the team who develops MongoDB, MMS provides cloud-based monitoring as well as backup and recovery for MongoDB. MMS users can visualize database performance and set custom alerts when particular metrics are out of normal range. MMS is also the only continuous backup solution for MongoDB, providing point-in-time recovery for replica sets and cluster-wide snapshots of sharded systems. You can create a free MMS account at mms.mongodb.com.

You can also download a PDF edition of the MMS Manual.

MMS Monitoring
High level overview of issues related to MMS Monitoring.
MMS Backup
High level overview of issues related to MMS Backup.
MMS Administration
Configure and manage MongoDB Management Service.
Frequently Asked Questions
Common questions about the operation and use of MMS.
Reference material for MMS components and operations.
Release Notes
Changelogs and notes on MMS releases.